Pesticide Residues (fat soluble, inc. EU 'red list' - low level) in Infant Formula Reference Material

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Product Specification

QC/RM information
Product Code Material Matrix Approx. Size


Infant Formula

50 g


Chlordane (cis), Chlorfenvinphos (sum of E and Z isomers), HCH-B (beta hexachlorocyclohexane), Heptachlor-epoxide (cis), PCB 101, Demeton-S-methyl-sulfoxide (oxydemeton-methyl), Nitrofen

Validity Date


Test Description

Pesticide residues are regulated in many countries and for many commodities, with maximum residue limits set within EU and other legislation. Pesticide residues can translocate across the food chain and into animal products. This reference material is useful for laboratories analysing fat-soluble pesticide residues in animal products and plant-derived fats or oils looking to maintain their testing ability through quality assurance activities between proficiency testing rounds.

Pesticide residues (fat soluble) analysis, with a number of residues present from a list of possible target compounds. This quality control material requires identification and quantification of the analytes.

Infant formula is consumed by infants within a critical development phase of their lives. This therefore requires extensive guarantees of the high quality, non-contaminated nature of their foodstuffs.

Reference materials offer key advantages for laboratories, over and above that of quality control materials. With an improved degree of characterisation compared to proficiency tests or quality control materials, reference materials have a plethora of uses, including method calibration.

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