Pesticide Residues in Honey Proficiency Test

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Product Specification

Proficiency Test Information
Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size



90 g


Acetamiprid, Amitraz (sum of amitraz and all metabolites containing the 2,4-DMA moiety), Clothianidin, Coumaphos, Dinotefuran, DMF (CAS Reg. Num. 60397-77-5), DMPF (CAS Reg. Num. 33089-74-6), Fluvalinate (tau), Imidacloprid, Methamidophos, Nitenpyram, Thiacloprid, Thiamethoxam


Any number of analytes from the list may be present for identification and quantification.

Test Description

Honey consists essentially of different sugars, predominantly fructose and glucose as well as other substances such as organic acids, enzymes and solid particles derived from honey collection. The colour of honey and consistency can vary considerably, along with its flavour and aroma depending on where it is produced.  Honey intended for human consumption must meet a specific composition which is outlined and detailed in the EU Honey Directive. The analytes that are included in our honey proficiency tests are all important determinants in evaluating the quality of honey.

Pesticide residues are regulated in many countries and for many commodities, with maximum residue limits set within EU and other legislation. Pesticide residues can translocate across the food chain and into animal products, including honey.

Fapas proficiency testing measures are invaluable for ensuring only high-quality test results are offered to your customers and regulators alike. This can be achieved through the use of challenging test materials, which are enabled due to the real food matrices Fapas utilise. These challenging test materials can ensure effective areas of improvement are highlighted, with areas of importance available to ensure test results are detailed and accurate enough to satisfy your customers.

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