Pesticide Residues (multi-residues) in Kiwi Fruit Purée Food Chemistry Proficiency Test

To ensure a high-quality crop, suppliers regularly use pesticides to reduce disease and pests within their crop. Through good farming practices, the levels of pesticides passed to the consumer is low and manageable below safe levels. Suppliers may not always be utilising good farming practice, so it is important to ensure high-quality testing to identify any high levels of various pesticides being passed to consumers.

Kiwi fruit puree can be made up of a range of kiwis, exposing consumers to the risk of pesticide contamination within this foodstuff. It is important to highlight any high levels of pesticide residues and as such effective testing measures must be utilised to safeguard the consumer against potentially unsavoury foodstuffs.

Fapas quality control materials can be used to validate whether a testing instrument or process is operating within pre-defined specifications. This validation process makes sure your test results are as close to the true value as possible, and therefore your testing process is as credible as it can be.