Pesticide Residues (multi-residues) in Olive Oil (virgin) Oil Blank Material Quality Control Material

Test Material

Product Code




Blank Olive Oil (Virgin)


Blank Material, Cyhalothrin-lambda

Approx. Size

50 g

Validity Date


This blank material is ideal to ensure effective calibration curves are created. This can ensure only high-quality test results are found through effective comparisons with your positive sample. Blank materials from Fapas are ideal for ensuring matrix matching takes place. By using blank materials as close to positive test samples as possible the matrix effect is dramatically reduced.

The adjoining quality control material can evaluate your testing ability for a range of pesticide residues within olive oil. From this, it is important to ensure only high-quality test results are offered to your customers and regulators alike.

Blank materials from Fapas make use of real food matrices to provide the key insights into your routine testing abilities you require. These can be used to maintain the level of accuracy required to satisfy both your customers and regulators of your testing capabilities.

To achieve the long term effective testing requirements needed to satisfy regulators, robust quality assurance programmes should be utilised. Fapas quality control materials can be used to standardise your testing practices, from which to achieve credible, repeatable results. Quality control materials can also be useful when calibrating instrumentation, to mitigate any risks of unconscious bias creeping into your results.