Pesticide Residues (multi-residues) in Wheat Flour Quality Control Material

Test Material

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Wheat Flour


Atrazine, Chlorpropham, Chlorpyrifos (ethyl), Fenitrothion, Imidacloprid, Kresoxim-methyl, Triazophos

Approx. Size

50 g

This quality control material can help evaluate your testing ability for pesticides in wheat flour to ensure only high quality test results are offered to consumers.

To ensure a high quality crop, suppliers regularly use pesticides to reduce disease and pests within their crop. Through good farming practises the levels of pesticides passed to the consumer is low and manageable below safe levels. Suppliers may not always be utilising good farming practise, so it is important to ensure high quality testing to identify any high levels of various pesticides being passed to consumers.

Wheat flour is globally the most widely produced flour, so strong analysis within this matrix is key to continued laboratory success. Fapas' real-food matrices give the most true-to-life representation of your routine testing, challenging your labs testing capabilities.

Fapas quality control materials can provide the ideal tool to ensure extensive ongoing improvement activities take place to maintain the high quality test results required by customers, and regulators alike. Fapas quality control materials can be used to highlight areas bias which may otherwise be missed through less effective quality control activities. This can be achieved through effective staff training measures enabled by Fapas quality control materials, or instrumentation calibration practises.