Quality of Olive Oil Quality Control Material


Product Specification

Product Code Material Matrix Approx. Size


Olive Oil

100 ml


Peroxide Value, Acidity, Anisidine Value, Iodine Value

Validity Date


Test Description

Quality of product is key within an ever more competitive global environment, where consumers have the choice available to them to choose only the best product.

Olive oil quality parameters of peroxide value, acidity, anisidine value and iodine value are tested within this proficiency test. This is in keeping with the International Olive Oil Council requirements.

Therefore, it is key to have robust and accurate testing capabilities, benchmarked by effective proficiency testing measures, to give both manufacturers and retailers the information they need to provide the best quality products for the consumer.

Fapas provides several rounds of this type of proficiency test with different materials, giving you multiple opportunities to provide ongoing quality control processes to your laboratory testing capabilities, further improving the quality of results within your tests and providing the confidence your customer needs.

Fapas Fats and Oils quality control meterials are recognised throughout the food manufacturing and testing industry. Fat is an essential part of the human diet, supplying nutritional components that the body needs in order to function. Too much fat in the diet, especially of nutritionally undesirable forms, can give rise to health problems. Hence, fat is subject to labelling requirements on food products and analyses are targeted towards this compliance.

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