Veterinary Medicines in Prawns Quality Control Material

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AHD (total), AOZ (total), SEM (total), Total Nitrofuran Metabolites

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Test Description

QCs (Quality Control Materials) are materials vital for internal laboratory quality control. This quality control material for prawns has selected nitrofuran metabolites present which have values that have been sufficiently homogeneous, stable and well established so they can be used for maintaining or monitoring your measurement processes.These materials are an important element in developing best practice and vital when you want to maintain accreditation.

The demand for farmed prawns is growing as the global demand for prawns continues to increase and as such exceed capture from wild fisheries. As this growth in farmed prawn increases, it is vital to maintain a healthy and high quality stock, hence the use of antibiotics and anti-microbial agents such as Nitrofurans. Nitrofurans are antimicrobial agents which are not authorised for use in food-producing animals in the EU. They are quickly metabolised from their parent compounds in vivo. Nitrofurans and their marker metabolites are subject to Minimum Requied Performance Limits (MRPLs) of 1 μg/kg employed within the EU for imports from third countries.

This quality control material in prawns is essential when you want to maintain and improve on the accuracy from individual analyses, remove any method bias as well as improve sample traceability to aid your laboratory quality assurance procedures.

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