Veterinary Medicines in Prawns Quality Control Materials


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Chlortetracycline, Tetracycline

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Test Description

Veterinary medicines within all foodstuffs, and in this case prawns, are highly controlled due to the similar effects these veterinary medicines can show in humans when consumed within contaminated foodstuffs. These effects can be harmful when not effectively controlled and as such require large amounts of caution to be taken when using them within farming practices.

Good farming practices are outlined by manufacturers and regulators as to how and in what quantity these veterinary medicines can be used within fish and prawn stocks, as well as other livestock. Many veterinary medicine products are not approved for use in farmed animals, including aquaculture. When good farming practices are not followed, or excessive strain is put on farmed fish stocks, as can be the case within a growing global population, these veterinary medicines can reach potentially harmful levels.

Illegal amounts of veterinary medicines in foodstuffs such as prawns can be extremely low, requiring strong quality control measures to ensure accuracy within these matrix and analyte combinations. As such Fapas quality control materials can be utilised to provide insight into areas of improvement within your testing arrangement, as well as potentially inaccurate characteristics of you recurrent processes, such as regular over representation of veterinary medicines in foodstuffs, which may result in the unwarranted financial loss of your clients.

By using Fapas quality control materials effectively you can mitigate these risks and build a strong reputation of effective testing capabilities across prawns and a range of analytes, as well as other analyte matrix combinations.

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