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Animal Feed Blank Material BLPM2-AFE4 09126b 16/10/2019 Proficiency Test Blank Animal Feed BLANK (BLPM2) £59.00 Add
Peanut in Chocolate Proficiency Test FCAL16-CON2 27263 07/02/2020 Proficiency Test Chocolate peanut, peanut protein £203.00 Add
Sulphites in Jam Proficiency Test FCAL18-CON7 27256 Courier delivery temperature sensitive/fragile 01/10/2019 Proficiency Test Jam sulphites £203.00 Add
Almond in Chocolate Proficiency Test FCAL1-CON2 27254 05/09/2019 Proficiency Test Chocolate almond, almond protein £203.00 Add
Fish Contamination within Cooked Sauce Proficiency Test FCAL20-CON23 27259 Courier delivery temperature sensitive/fragile 04/11/2019 Proficiency Test Sauce (cooked) Fish £259.00 Add
Nuts in Chocolate Proficiency Test FCAL3-CON2 27260 28/11/2019 Proficiency Test Chocolate contamination (presence/absence) of matrix with one or more from the following list: Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, Cashew, Pecan nut, Brazil nut, Pistachio nut, Macadamia/Queensland nut, Peanut £259.00 Add
Heavy Metals in Animal feed Proficiency Test FCCM30-AFE1 07353 28/11/2019 Proficiency Test Animal Feed arsenic (total), cadmium, lead, mercury (total), nickel (all natural/low levels) £192.00 Add
Contaminants in Soy Sauce Proficiency Test FCCP2-CON15 2659 26/02/2020 Proficiency Test Soy Sauce 3-MCPD, 1,3-DCP & 2-MCPD £201.00 Add
Food Additives in Hot Pepper Sauce Proficiency Test FCFA19-CON5 20166 14/11/2019 Proficiency Test Hot Pepper Sauce non-permitted colours (illegal dyes) high level, a selection from the following list: Butter Yellow, Orange II, Para Red, Rhodamine B, Sudan (I, II, III, IV), Sudan Black B, Sudan Orange G, Sudan Red B, Sudan Red 7B, Sudan Red G, Toluidine Red £186.00 Add
Food Additives and Ingredients in Sugar Confectionery Proficiency Test FCFA20-CON17 20162 18/07/2019 Proficiency Test Sugar Confectionery (boiled sweets) colours, a selection from the following list: Allura Red, Brilliant Blue FCF, Carmoisine, Erythrosine, Green S, Indigo Carmine, Patent Blue V, Ponceau 4R, Quinoline Yellow, Sunset Yellow FCF, Tartrazine £186.00 Add
Food Additives and Ingredients in Tomato Sauce Proficiency Test FCFA8-CON21 20168 08/01/2020 Proficiency Test Tomato Sauce brix, pH, total acidity, sodium, chloride & benzoic acid £186.00 Add
Aflatoxins in Cereal Based Animal Feed Proficiency Test FCMA2-AFE2 04371 17/10/2019 Proficiency Test Animal Feed (cereal based) aflatoxins B & G &/or total £188.00 Add
Mycotoxins in Animal Feed Proficiency Test 2 FCMF2-AFE1 22164 25/09/2019 Proficiency Test Animal Feed deoxynivalenol (DON), zearalenone (ZON), T-2 & HT-2 toxins & as a sum of T-2 & HT-2 toxins £286.00 Add
Mycotoxins in Animal Feed (Cereal Based) Proficiency Test FCMM5-AFE2 04375 06/12/2019 Proficiency Test Animal Feed (cereal based) contamination of matrix with two or more from the following list: aflatoxin B1, OTA, ZON, DON, FB1 & FB2 & total fumonisins (as a sum of FB1 & FB2) £327.00 Add
Ochratoxin A in Animal Feed Proficiency Test FCMO1-AFE1 17197 15/11/2019 Proficiency Test Animal Feed ochratoxin A £188.00 Add
Nutritional Components in Dairy Ration Proficiency Test FCNC20-AFE7 10169 25/03/2020 Proficiency Test Dairy Ration moisture, ash, total oil, protein, crude fibre, iron, magnesium, manganese & selenium £351.00 Add
Nutritional Components in Poultry Ration Proficiency Test FCNC21-AFE16 10167 06/12/2019 Proficiency Test Poultry Ration moisture, ash, total oil, protein, crude fibre, starch, total sugars, calcium & phosphorus £351.00 Add
Nutritional Components in Chocolate Proficiency Test FCNC23-CON2 25176 Courier delivery temperature sensitive/fragile 23/07/2019 Proficiency Test Chocolate moisture, total fat, nitrogen, butyric acid, lactose & sucrose £185.00 Add
Nutritional Components of Soybean Meal Proficiency Test FCNC7-AFE20 10165 25/09/2019 Proficiency Test Soybean meal moisture, ash, protein & crude fibre £194.00 Add
Nutritional Elements in Animal Feed Premix Proficiency Test FCNE5-AFE17 10168 30/01/2020 Proficiency Test Premix calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium & zinc £184.00 Add
Pesticide Residues (mutli-residues) in Animal Feed Proficiency Test FCPM2-AFE1 09126 16/10/2019 Proficiency Test Animal Feed pesticide residues (multi-residue) £188.00 Add
GM Events in Animal Feed Proficiency Test FGM3-AFE1 GeMMP36 20/03/2020 Proficiency Test Animal Feed Maize & Soya £308.00 Add
Salmonella Detection in Chocolate Proficiency Test FMOD7-CON2 M249d072 Courier delivery temperature sensitive/fragile 27/01/2020 Proficiency Test Chocolate Salmonella spp. (Detection) £126.00 Add
Salmonella Detection in Chocolate Powder Proficiency Test FMOD7-CON3 M246d07 Courier delivery temperature sensitive/fragile 30/09/2019 Proficiency Test Chocolate Powder Salmonella spp. (Detection) £126.00 Add