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Product Specification

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Test Description

Soy sauce is consumed worldwide, and as such there is a great demand on producers to achieve large yields.

There are thousands of ingredients used to make our foods. These ingredients have useful functions that enable consumers to enjoy flavourful, nutritious and safe food. Additives, colourings and preservatives all play a part in the ingredients we see in our foods today and they perform a variety of useful functions in foods that consumers take for granted. However, these ingredients need to be monitored too to ensure that the levels added are not in excess of the appropriate guidelines or that a banned ingredient/component is not being added deliberately or unintentionally. For this reason Fapas provides a wide range of proficiency tests which encompasses this area of interest.

Proficiency testing activities from Fapas can safeguard your testing practice, from which to highlight any areas of improvement which you may have within your current routine testing arrangement. It is therefore vital to complete Fapas proficiency tests to ensure regulators are satisfied of your quality assurance efforts, as well as ensuring your customers receive accurate, repeatable test results.

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