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Product Specification

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Test Description

Within this proficiency test your testing ability for Brix, pH, citric acid, total sugars and principal nutritional elements within grape juice is evaluated. The nutritional elements important for grape juice are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Fruit juices (prepared) are subject to labelling regulations for nutritional parameters and analytical testing ensures compliance with the information presented on the labels. We provide sugar content both by Brix determination and by HPLC, as total sugars. Other proximates include total acidity and pH. The PTs also include nutritionally important elements and we vary the type of juice throughout the year.

Fruit Juices, especially grape juice, enjoy vast consumption around the world, leading to increased pressure on producers and, in turn, supply chains. This can lead to manufacturers making increased use of additives to emulate and substitute for natural ingredients. Accurate testing should be employed to verify any claims made by labels, such as no food additives or similar.

To ensure the effective testing required to highlight unscrupulous manufacturers or misleading labelling claims well-designed quality assurance programmes should be employed. To highlight areas of improvement Fapas proficiency tests should be used to form a benchmark against industry. Using this technique any unconscious bias can be found within your results, from which to take the necessary steps to safeguard your high quality testing standards.

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