Salmonella spp. in Bathing Water


Product Specification

Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size



lyophilised sample


Salmonella spp.


Detection Test

Test Description

Microbiological contamination of water can cause a range of sickness symptoms, the most extreme of which can result in hospitalisation, contamination can also cause food spoilage. Contamination can result from raw ingredients, poor sanitation or hygiene practices, or inappropriate storage conditions.

This qualitative proficiency test focusses on the detection of the pathogen Salmonella in water. Through Fapas proficiency testing activities your testing ability can be evaluated and critiqued, resulting in accuracy and therefore credibility improvements across your current routine testing ability.

Salmonella is well-known to cause sickness symptoms when consumed in large enough quantities. To mitigate any risks to the consumer, it is important to maintain the high-quality testing measures required for both consumers and regulators.

Water quality changes over time, even in the course of the day. It is therefore fundamental to utilise our proficiency test to classify the quality of water. This ensures the safety of bathers’ health, as we are able to identify when bacteria are present in the water.

Fapas proficiency tests can challenge your testing laboratories to ensure only high-quality testing standards are achieved. This can therefore ensure your customers, and regulators, receive highly accurate test results without significant bias.

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