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Food & Beverage Microbiology

Foods which exceed specifications for total bacterial and fungal load, or which are contaminated with a pathogen, pose a risk to both public health and brand reputation.

Modern food processing often involves complicated global supply chains and ample opportunity for foods to be contaminated in their journey to our tables. Even in a carefully controlled environment contamination can occur, and laboratory analysis is a key safety measure to ensure the process and controls are working as they should. Our microbiology proficiency tests are here to ensure that the laboratory itself is working as it should and is capable of detecting non-conforming product if the biosafety chain is compromised.

Food Microbiology Proficiency Test from Fapas

Flexible Programme

There is a flexible programme of 11 distributions a year to meet your laboratory's quality systems. Samples are sent by courier worldwide in a controlled environment with detailed instructions. Results from each proficiency test receive rigorous statistical analysis, ensuring you have clear feedback on your performance. Comprehensive reports give information on microbiological methods used by other participants.



The Fapas® Food Microbiology programme is accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17043, certificate number 0009

Participation in Fapas® is easy and can be tailored to suit your quality control programme. This can range from taking part in one of our scheduled tests, through to a company specific closed programme, customised to your needs (subject to minimum participation criteria). Orders can be placed via our network of agents, or via our online shop at