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Genetically Modified Foods


Nearly 35 years after the first product trials, GM foods remain a topic of much discussion. Some territories embrace the technology widely, some restrict the use and cultivation of GM crops and others continue to ban their use in agriculture.

Where GM foods are controlled or prohibited, it is important that laboratories testing for the presence of GM are able to detect the modified material. The Fapas® GM proficiency testing materials provide laboratories with the means to independently demonstrate their ability to correctly analyse for the most commonly encountered GM crops, such as maize and soya.


The Proficiency Testing Solution

The Fapas® GM Foods proficiency testing programme gives you essential performance data over time, building into a valuable quality control asset. The programme covers the detection and/or enumeration of genetically modified material in animal feed, mixed flours, soya and maize and processed foods

Results from each proficiency test receive rigorous statistical analysis, ensuring you have clear feedback on your performance. Comprehensive reports provide information on analytical methods used by all the participants.


The Fapas® GM Foods programme is accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17043, certificate number 0009.

Participation in Fapas® is easy and can be tailored to suit your quality control programme. This can range from taking part in one of our scheduled tests, through to a company specific closed programme, customised to your needs (subject to minimum participation criteria). Orders can be placed via our network of agents, or via our online shop at