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Test Description

Olive oil has extensive research into its health benefits, with a larger proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids compared to other substitutes. As such it is in large demand with consumers, from which to ensure only high quality testing methods are used to ensure your customers enjoy credible, repeatable test results.

Deliberate food adulteration for economic gain is increasing, with high profile issues making national or international news. There is now a greater emphasis on authenticity testing with a number of international projects addressing the analytical problems. The Fapas authenticity and adulteration proficiency tests allow laboratories to assess their detection capability for undeclared high level substitutions. And provide feedback from which to improve your testing ability if needed, or maintain high quality testing across a range of testing environments.

Fapas proficiency tests make use of real food matrices, from which to maintain highly accurate testing solutions for your customers, and regulators to enjoy. This allows you to safeguard your current testing solution with directly comparable results to your routine analysis activities.

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