Beef Authenticity Proficiency Test


Product Specification

Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size





Chicken, Equine, Lamb, Pork


The beef test material will be contaminated with one or more from: chicken, horse, lamb and pork. The test material will be freeze-dried and will require re-constitution.

Test Description

Identification of substitute meats in a minced (ground) meat matrix.

Deliberate food adulteration for economic gain is increasing, with high profile issues making national or international news. There is now a greater emphasis on authenticity testing with a number of international projects addressing the analytical problems. The Fapas authenticity and adulteration proficiency tests allow laboratories to assess their detection capability for undeclared high level substitutions

Beef, and meat by extension, is generally more expensive than other foodstuffs, and as such can be a target for unscrupulous producers looking for financial gain. There is a sizeable reliance on effective testing from food laboratories, to satisfy regulators and maintain high quality products for manufacturers. Food laboratories can have a direct impact on brand damage where food adulteration was missed through ineffective testing capabilities. This can have both reputation and financial implications for both food laboratories and product manufacturers. To negate this risk, quality control measures should be used to improve any sub-standard testing abilities.

Fapas proficiency tests offer a comparable snapshot of your current testing capabilities, from which to evaluate your testing ability against other testing laboratories in your industries.

Proficiency tests continue to provide an effective benchmark of your testing capabilities across specific analyte/matrix combinations. Fapas proficiency tests can be used in tandem with Fapas quality control materials, to track your testing abilities across a range of testing environments or to standardise your in house testing methods, such as through instrumentation verification or staff training procedures.

The associated quality control material is FCAA4-MRP2QC Authenticity of Beef Quality Control Material which can be found here.

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