Nutritional Components in Baby Food (Cereal Based) Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test



Baby Food (Cereal Based)


Moisture, Ash, Total Fat, Nitrogen, Dietary Fibre, Starch, Sodium, Chloride

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Baby food usually is a very important matrix as it provides key nutritional requirements for infants at an important phase of their lives.

This proficiency test includes nutritional components, which are strictly controlled in infant food legislation. As nutritional legislation increases, the proficiency of laboratories to provide accurate results to food manufacturers for labelling is critical, to help consumers make informed choices about the food they eat. Fapas offers the widest range of analyte/matrix proficiency test combinations for the food sector. The matrix used varies year on year, to provide different levels of real world samples.

This requires your effective testing ability to be safeguarded across a range of vitamins and other nutrients. To achieve this proficiency testing activities from Fapas should be utilised as part of a wider quality assurance programme, from which to highlight areas of improvement and promote high quality, accurate testing.

Fapas proficiency tests make use of real food matrices from which to highlight areas of improvement. This is achieved quickly and efficiently due to the directly comparable nature between your proficiency test and routine analysis results.