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Food & Beverage Chemistry


The confidence in analytical data provided to producers can be enhanced through using proficiency testing (PT). The Fapas® Food Chemistry programme offers over 400 proficiency tests annually.

Proficiency testing provides evidence, from an independent source, regarding the competency of the laboratory supplying the analytical service. Participation in appropriate proficiency testing is also a necessary component for laboratories that wish to become accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory management standards. This provides the basis of laboratory accreditation in more than 40 countries, and other recognised laboratory quality assurance standards may also require that a proficiency testing programme is in place to check the actual performance of a laboratory process.

Proficiency Testing from Fapas



Fapas covers chemical analysis of real food samples for a wide range of target analytes including:

  • nutritional components
  • additives
  • natural contaminants
  • pesticide and veterinary medicine residues
  • packaging chemical migrants.


The Fapas® Food Chemistry programme is accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17043 (certificate number 0009).

Participation in Fapas® is easy and can be tailored to suit your quality control programme. This can range from taking part in one of our scheduled tests, through to a company specific closed programme, customised to your needs (subject to minimum participation criteria). Orders can be placed via our network of agents, or via our online shop at