Contaminants in Infant Formula

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Proficiency Test



Infant Formula


3-MCPD Esters, Glycidyl Esters (Ester-bound Glycidol), 2-MCPD Esters

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50 g

Infant formula is consumed by infants at a critical development phase of their lives. This, therefore, requires extensive guarantees of the high-quality nature of their foodstuffs. Proficiency testing should be utilised to ensure the highly accurate testing ability required is safeguarded throughout the year.

Food processing can itself produce contaminants due to chemical reactions. One group of process contaminants is the chloropropanols, of which 3-MCPD is the most commonly occurring and well known. 3-MCPD is a potential carcinogen and so its presence in food is regulated, in EU legislation EC 1881/2006 with a maximum level of 20 μg/kg in foods.

To maintain consumer safety Fera offers proficiency tests to ensure this maximum level is not exceeded. Fapas’ proficiency tests can also help highlight any areas of improvement across a range of real food samples, from which to achieve high quality, future-proofed testing ability for your customers to enjoy.

Fapas proficiency tests can form the basis of your quality assurance programmes, from which to make these concise improvements in a cost and time effective manner.