Odour Contaminants in Drinking Water Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test





Taste & Odour Incident

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2 x 1 litre + blank


This round is aimed at testing laboratories capability to identify unknown taste and odour chemicals in a drinking water sample. Participants should not undertake any taste (organoleptic) testing on this sample

This proficiency test requires your laboratory to identify the taste and odour contaminants present.

Taste and Odours are the cause of many customer complaints to water utilities.  Once they happen the laboratory is required to carry out an investigation.  This programme is aimed at testing the capabilities of a laboratory to analyse a chemically contaminated drinking water sample for completely unknown compound(s) which may produce a taste or odour.

The drinking water industry is highly regulated across the world. There is a related responsibility to ensure that waste water is effectively treated to reduce environmental pollution. Fapas waste water proficiency test samples replicate those used to test for potential environmental contamination, covering a wide range of determinands. These include standard oxygen demand and physical parameters as well as trace metals and nutrients.

Proficiency tests from Fapas make use of challenging test materials to highlight areas of improvement within your current testing arrangement. This can ensure only high quality test results are provided for your customers to enjoy.