Organochlorine Pesticides in Drinking Water Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test



Drinking Water


OC Pesticides
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Approx. Size

1 litre + spiking conc.


Test materials supplied are a Real Drinking water + spiking concentrate in methanol.

The quality of drinking water is highly regulated across the world. Chemical contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides might have long-term health implications. Other chemical contaminants are indicators of environmental pollution at source. Fapas drinking water proficiency tests provide whole volume drinking water samples with a wide range of routine and non-routine chemical components.

This proficiency test can evaluate your testing ability for organochlorine pesticides in waste water. From this your wider quality assurance activities can be benchmarked and informed, from which to safeguard your overall testing ability offered to your customers.

Organochlorine pesticides are used in agricultural practices to ensure high quality yields are achieved. It is important to highlight any potentially unsafe levels of these controlled pesticides within drinking water.

Their high levels, if missed, can be passed to consumers due to improper water treatment processes being used.  This can prove harmful to consumers in large doses, hence the requirement of stringent testing regimes. Organochlorine pesticides are extremely persistent in humans, and variants are classed as toxic. Hence the requirement of highly effective testing.

Fapas proficiency tests challenge your laboratories as they would be within your routine analysis activities. This can allow clear, concise areas of improvement to be found, ensuring only high quality testing methods are passed to your customers and regulators alike.