Pesticide Residues in Wine

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Courier delivery temperature sensitive/fragile

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pesticide residues (multi-residue)
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90 ml


Any number of analytes from the list may be present for identification and quantification.

Wine is a globally produced beverage, with a plethora of product variants to entice consumers to purchase. As such it is important to ensure only high quality, safe produce is offered to consumers. Through effective proficiency testing measures effective areas of improvement can be found to mitigate any potentially low-quality test results which may be offered to our customers and regulators.

Additionally, due to the higher price of wine and by extension other alcoholic beverages the need to ensure high quality testing over a long-term timescale is extremely important to mitigate any risks of contamination.

Pesticide Residues are used extensively across a range of crops, including wine. These are used with the goal of maintaining high-quality produce by controlling disease and pest impacts on crops. Through good farming practises levels of pesticide residues are usually low and under safe levels. Yet as farmers come under increasing pressure to satisfy growing demand for more expensive products such as wine, poor farming practices may increase levels of pesticide residues exposed to consumers. This must be controlled using effective quality control measures.